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The Guardian: Communist-era Romanian prison commander jailed for 20 years

Alexandru Visinescu, 89, convicted of crimes against humanity for deaths of political prisoners at Râmnicu Sărat between 1956 and 1963. Click here for full article. 

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Associated Press: Communist-era prison commander handed 20-year year sentence

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — A court on Friday set a 20-year sentence for a communist-era prison commander convicted of crimes against humanity in the deaths of 12 inmates, in the first such trial in Romania. Click here for full article.

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BBC: Romania jails Communist-era prison chief in landmark case

A former Communist-era prison commander has been sentenced to 20 years in jail after being convicted of crimes against humanity in the first such trial in Romania. Click here for full article.

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"Longing for the future", organized by high school students attending summer school at top of Fagaras-Saturday

Summer school students at top of Fagaras-Saturday, held between 5-12 July 2015 of the Institute for the investigation of Communist crimes and the memory of the Romanian exile (1989 ROMANIAN REVOLUTION), in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Foundation, cultural foundation "Dumpweed" Făgăraş and Anti-communist Resistance Memorial "land of Făgăraş", created in the Fagaras Fortress Dungeon Tower […]

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IICCMER announces the release of the 5th volume of its English yearbook

The Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes and Memory of the Romanian Exile (IICCMER) announces the release of the 5th issue of its English yearbook History of Communism in Europe, on the topic Narratives of Legitimation in Totalitarian Regimes – Heroes, Villains, Intrigues and Outcomes. Based on case studies, the volume analyzes and explores grand narratives […]

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Interview. Radu Preda, Executive President of IICCMER: What I want is something else: access to justice and military archives

He was born in Galați and lives in Cluj-Napoca. He graduated from high school and the Faculty of Theology in Bucharest, then his PhD in Germany, in Cluj, and post-doctoral studies in Greece. He is Associate Professor, founding director of INTER and member of the Board of Directors of the European Forum of Orthodox Schools of Theology […]

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